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Topic: Proliferation of Social Media

Subject: Management

The paper basically discusses the impact of social media proliferation on organisations. The idea or the focus of the paper is to assess the different ways and methods that have been used with respect to social media and the overall impact it has created on organisations in the modern era. Moreover, the paper will also investigate the pros and cons of social networking[….] Read More


Topic: IKEA

Subject: Marketing

One of the world’s largest organizations today dealing in home furnishing was primarily founded by Ingvar Kamprad on the eastern side of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Sweden, 74 years back in the year 1943 as a furniture business. Today, we all know it by the name IKEA. To provide home furnishing products to people making them pay less than what the competitors’ products asked for and providing the best quality products to its customers was the prime focus of IKEA[….] Read More

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